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Would you like to be our ambassador?

We’d like to invite you to join our great Valencian supporter club in which more than 600 people boost Valencia’s international reputation by attracting conferences from all over the world.

If you’d like to join the Centre’s Ambassadors Club, then you’re invited. Find out what it means to be an ambassador and become one.

What does it mean to be an ambassador for the Conference Centre?

‘We like to do our bit for Valencia’s economic and social development, to make it a vibrant place that’s always on the go.’

‘We are very proud that Valencia is getting bigger and bigger, of being part of something so special.’

This is how leading professionals from Valencia and other parts of the world describe what it means for them to be an ambassador. For us, being an ambassador means becoming part of the Centre’s family which helps to win major events for Valencia, thus generating a significant economic impact and making the city a touchstone in the conference industry.

If you’re an expert in your sector and would like to join our community of over 600 ambassadors featuring scientists, doctors, lecturers and other acclaimed professionals from Spain and abroad who are passionate about Valencia, then this is the place for you.  In addition, a conference is an event with enormous scientific and academic impact which will bring you enhanced professional standing and recognition for the institution you belong to.

We will help you right from the outset and advise you about presenting bids and dealing with the other stakeholders involved in the process (hotels, the Convention Bureau, etc.). See our ambassadors’ dossier for further information.

Take a leading role in a highly gratifying experience. You can check it out in this video.


We look forward to seeing you!