Published On: May 8 , 2019Categories: Corporate

Would you like to find out what our strengths are?

We’ve looked at the latest studies from the ICCA and UIA international conference associations and can tell you why our customers rate us so highly.

Learn more about our strengths as shown by the latest studies from the ICCA and UIA international associations:

1. The Centre’s team has over 20 years of experience in the sector and we mentor the ambassador throughout the ENTIRE bidding process. It’s a competitive procedure in which a number of cities go head-to-head to win the conference at stake and calls for in-depth market insight to make the best presentation. We deliver professional advice and support for drafting the bid document, presentations and dossiers needed.

2. We are partners from start to finish in presenting the bid to ensure our customers have all the options. We centralise contacts in the initial stages of the process, help with negotiations with hotels and put our customers in touch with the Convention Bureau. The Convention Bureau in turn assists with the bid presentation trip, makes the presentation of the city and provides support in inspection visit logistics: visit to the venue, hotels and options for the social programme.

3. More break-out rooms. We have recently remodelled two of our rooms to tailor them to the contemporary needs of customers who are increasingly asking for more break-out rooms so they can hold meetings simultaneously. Our facilities stand out for their versatility and when added to the ones offered by local hotels they provide the customer with a total of 50 break-out rooms.

4. We have a large number of spaces which can be personalised so that companies can increase their visibility and make sure the conference runs at a profit. These options are advantageous for both sides: for the organiser they are an additional source of income alongside any received through the usual channels while for the sponsor they bring greater presence at the event.

Learn about all the sponsorship options in our sponsorship dossier