22nd AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress

It is perfectly feasible to hold a face-to-face event, with the necessary safety measures in place, while maintaining a high level of safety in the conferences and in the encounters between the attendees?

Delegates: 106 people

Client: AECOC

Event: Congress

Type: Economic

Date: 30 September 2020

1. Challenge

For several years, AECOC has chosen our building to hold one of its most important annual events. In addition to the usual requirements associated with this meeting, we also had to take the current circumstances into account.

The main challenge for the team at the Valencia Conference Centre was to organise the 22nd AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress, which was held on site, in a totally safe environment. In this sense, we worked very closely with AECOC's COVID-19 Risk Management Committee, which was involved from the preparation and holding of the event through to its conclusion.

In short, the risks were evaluated globally before the event and the congress was designed to comply with requirements. Once the initial phase of the protocol had been implemented, we provided the facilities that were needed to cater for the permitted capacity, the required social distancing and an air-conditioning system that ensured maximum external ventilation in the rooms, among other safety measures. Subsequently, the information and signage for due compliance with the regulations were implemented and all the protocols implemented in each phase were supervised by an auditor.

2. Solution

3. Acomplished goals

Thanks to the successful implementation of the strict safety measures and the close coordination between the AECOC team and the Valencia Conference Centre team, the client placed its trust in us once again and, in the light of the restrictions in Catalonia, decided to move its 35th Consumer Congress to our building.

4. Curiosities