EMDR Europe Workshop Conference 2022

Nicolas Montet - Project manager of Kuoni Tumlare, OPC of EMDR 2022 The Conference Centre is flexible, it has all the facilities and it works to ensure the seamless, comprehensive development of the event.

Delegates: 800 on site and 850 online

Client: EMDR Europe Association/ Kuoni Tumlare

Event: Conference

Type: Scientific

Dates: 10-12 June 2022

Days: 3 days


1. Challenge

The challenges of this international conference, which brought together psychiatry and psychology professionals, with distinguished international speakers, were closely related to the Conference Centre’s objectives.

Our building is firmly committed to reinforcing its competitiveness through a number of tools to optimise the efficiency of the human team and its ability to work as an INTEGRATED PART of the project of the event organising company, while remaining a benchmark building in terms of technological equipment.

And indeed, relations with the team and the technological needs were the main challenges we faced in relation to this event.

This event has been held many times at different places, and it is always organised by the same human team, which has been working every day for years on the coordination of the event. Our group of professionals had to integrate with that team and work as one more cog in an already well-oiled machine.

We also faced the challenge, in addition to 800 people attending the event in person, of 850 connecting via a live stream (most of them attendees, but also numerous people who connected remotely). One of the unique features of the conference was that the interpreters were working from their countries and cities of origin, not in the building itself. In that case, the normal solution would have been to use the streaming platform (OnAir) and its tool for mobile devices as the translation-receiving device. However, the client wanted to receive audio from the platform and its insertion into our digital conference equipment. That way, the digital translation receivers of the Conference Centre were used instead of the attendees’ mobile phones.

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2. Solution

The translation into seven languages (Spanish, French, Polish, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and Finnish) and the streaming were undertaken through the On Air platform, owned by KUONI. Through that platform, all the audiovisual signals of the conference were sent out and received.

7 computers were configured, connected in attendee mode to each one of the translation languages, and the resulting sound of each one of them was inserted into our digital conference microphone system, each one in a separate channel. This made it possible to listen to the translation into any language using one of our traditional 11-channel receivers in the conference rooms.

As an alternative to following the conference live, if anyone were unable to connect at the real time of the talks, the audios of all the translations of the talks were recorded and uploaded to the EMDR website.

3. Acomplished goals

To host this event, a special connection was needed between the Conference Centre team and the OPC (Kuoni Tumlare) and in this regard Nicolás Montet, project manager, highlighted the close collaboration between the two teams.

The mixed production of the event, thanks to the excellent work of all those involved from both organisations, ran incredibly smoothly, almost symbiotically, with everyone, on both sides, giving the very best of themselves.

4. Curiosities