European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Annual Conference

It has a thousand hotel beds within walking distance and is well linked to the station, as well as to the city centre. These factors make it an excellent venue for international and national congresses.

Delegates: 900

Client: Pacific World

Event: Congress

Type: Social

Dates: 17-21 September 2019

Days: 5

1. Challenge

For five days, our building became the world stage for nature conservation and Valencia became the capital of environmental tourism.

This international congress, which brought together 900 experts in animal welfare and biodiversity conservation, was 100% sustainable. In order to achieve this, our client, Pacific World, asked us on behalf of EAZA and Bioparc Valencia, the hosts of this event, for a series of needs that represented genuine challenges for us.

2. Solution

3. Acomplished goals

Plastic was eliminated from the entire event. In the catering area, we replaced plastic with other materials, such as cardboard and palm leaves. In addition, we provided a recycling system for all disposable waste. The cuisine we offered was also adapted to the 'green list', to avoid species that are intensively fished and are at risk of extinction.

In addition, both the building and the equipment were completely adapted to the theme of the congress. Thus, the names of the auditoriums and other spaces, which have recently been redesigned to offer customers more break-out rooms, were changed to those of African countries, and the music to access and leave the auditoria was transformed into lion roars, bird and whale songs and gorilla grunts.

At the same time, our exhibition area brought together several companies showcasing innovative products related to animal welfare and nature conservation, such as toys and food for elephants and other species. Participants were also treated to a variety of unique experiences including 3D diving in the Bahamas and swimming with sharks without leaving the building. 

4. Curiosities