This is the first time we have tried this virtual hybrid-face-to-face type of congress and we are extremely satisfied." "The measures taken by the Conference Centre to deal with the COVID situation have, in my opinion, proved to be the best available in the current scenario.

Delegates: 70 + 135 virtual assistants (hybrid event)

Client: AIDIMME (Institut Tecnològic Metalmecànic, Moble, Fusta, Embalatge i Afins)

Event: Congress

Type: Social

Date: 22 October 2020

1. Challenge

The Valencia Conference Centre team faced several challenges when organising the Hábitat 2020 Congress. As it was a hybrid event, in addition to providing the streaming, the Conference Centre also set up a web platform where the event was broadcast. This service prevented heavy traffic from collapsing the client's website during the congress, which could have caused problems had a large number of users tried to access it. An e-mail was also enabled so that delegates could send questions to the speakers and ask them online or in person, if they were selected.

Another of the event challenges and innovations was the use of a payment gateway for registration. This gave the user a code which gave them individual, customised access to the online platform. 

2. Solution

3. Acomplished goals

We managed to turn our building into a versatile, innovative meeting point thanks to our latest technological investments, which offer customers and participants new experiences in hybrid events. And at all times the Conference Centre team provided a technical support service to cover any possible connection issues. After the congress, the participants conveyed their high level of satisfaction to the organisation.

4. Curiosities