Les Luthiers

As a building it is stunning and as a venue, as acoustics, we think it’s first-rate. The acoustics mean we can really gauge the audience’s reaction; you can hear the laughter, you can hear the applause a lot more.

Client: Les Luthiers

Event: others events

Tipus: show

Data: march 2019

Days: 3

1. Challenge

Les Luthiers is a group of Argentine musicians, actors and comedians who are extremely popular in Spain and Latin America. They met over 50 years ago in one of the choirs at the University of Buenos Aires and their name comes from the French word ‘luthier’, which is also used in Spanish for the craftsman who makes or repairs musical instruments. The name ‘Les Luthiers’ is due to the fact that they play instruments they’ve made themselves.

Their shows combine parodies of classic and popular musical genres with side-splitting theatre scenes. They have picked up numerous prizes over the years including the Princess of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities in 2017.

2. Solution

The Auditorium 1 stage was adapted to the Argentine group’s performance and the way its instruments work. The group currently has over 40 different kinds of instruments which work in different ways.

It was really easy to bring in all of the group’s huge range of instruments because you can get straight through from the loading bays to the stage and there is also a storage area in the bays if you need it. Plus, the way the dressing rooms are connected to the stage meant it was really easy to set everything up. The Conference Centre’s versatile and flexible infrastructure meant the assembly went really smoothly.

3. Acomplished goals

The quality of the acoustics and the development of the stage design in Auditorium 1 make interaction with the audience outstanding. Statements: ‘It’s a venue where the audience is very demonstrative and you can hear them extremely well. Humour is reciprocal; when people laugh, the comedian doubles down, whereas when the laughter is a bit timid, we don’t know whether what we’re doing is working or not. That’s the advantage of having a venue where the acoustics for the audience are as good as the acoustics for the performer to hear the audience.’

The Argentine group describes the building as ‘stunning’.

4. Curiosities