Published On: June 4 , 2019|

ADEIT and the Conference Centre renew their cooperation agreement to continue attracting conferences to Valencia

The Valencia Conference Centre has renewed its cooperation agreement with the University of Valencia’s ADEIT University-Business Foundation to attract more events.

Valencia, 4 June 2019. The University of Valencia’s ADEIT Foundation and the Conference Centre have this morning renewed their cooperation agreement to continue attracting conferences to Valencia and promote excellence in event planning.

This agreement renews the first cooperation partnership signed in 2016 in which the two organisations laid the groundwork for attracting more events to Valencia, helping to drive social and economic development and progress. Furthermore, this agreement bolstered the prospects of successfully holding conferences organised or sponsored by the University of Valencia through its ADEIT Foundation at the Centre in terms of scientific content, logistics and organisation.

The signature of the 2016 agreement has led to an increase in the number of major events at the Centre sponsored by the University of Valencia. In addition four new international conferences sponsored by the University are also in the pipeline. They include the 22nd International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation and the Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves, one of this year’s principal meetings and which in July will attract around a thousand attendees involved in gravitational wave astronomy. 

ADEIT’s Managing Director Antonio Aracil and the Conference Centre’s Managing Director Sylvia Andrés have signed the renewal of the agreement this morning at the Conference Centre. “Here at ADEIT we are delighted to continue working with the Conference Centre as an iconic symbol of Valencia to keep on attracting conferences to our city,” said Antonio Aracil after putting pen to paper.

Meanwhile the Conference Centre’s Managing Director emphasised that she was pleased that the University of Valencia continues to choose the Conference Centre venue. “This agreement we are renewing today enhances the ties between the university setting and the business and professional environment,” she commented during the agreement renewal signing ceremony. “It also contributes to the success of science and technology and our own venue as a meeting point for leading international scientific and academic societies.”

The University is a strategic partner for the Conference Centre

Ever since the Valencia Conference Centre opened, the University of Valencia has been a staunch partner in attracting large events to the city. Indeed, it accounts for 15% of the Centre’s ambassadors, i.e. the professionals who promote hosting conferences at the venue. The two organisations’ joint efforts and partnership have led to holding nearly 30 conferences which have resulted in around 40,000 overnight stays in the city. 

The new agreement is one of the cooperation options allowed by the Public Sector Contract Act 9/2017 for organisations such as ADEIT and the Valencia Conference Centre.