Published On: April 29 , 2024|

In 2023 Valencia Conference Centre generated more than 4.5 million euros revenue

The Conference Centre hosted a total of 97 events in 2023

  • The Conference Centre’s Board of Directors today approved the annual accounts for last year
  • The Centre hosted a total of 97 events, attended by 107,872 people and conferences accounted for 79% of annual revenue

The Conference Centre’s Board of Directors today approved the 2023 annual accounts. According to the report provided by the Centre, 4,590,00 euros of revenue were generated in this financial period. The venue hosted a total of 97 events attended by 107,872 people, generating 111,935 overnight stays in the city. Conferences accounted for 79% of the annual income and international activity represented 36% of the conference revenue.

Among the initiatives implemented in 2023, it is worth highlighting the investments of 2.2 million euros ‘which have boosted the digitalisation, innovation and sustainability of the Centre, adapting it to new trends in business tourism’. Among the most significant are ‘improvements in the audiovisual and stage infrastructures, the creation of new networking and refreshment areas, as well as the renewal and updating of more efficient systems that have enabled savings in electricity consumption’.

The president of Valencia Conference Centre and Councillor for Tourism, Paula Llobet, stated the ‘this facility has already established itself as an international benchmark for hosting events and conferences”. “What’s more, Valencia City Council helps to drive its continual improvement and modernisation to adapt to the needs of the times” she added.

“The Conference Centre has played a key role in positioning Valencia as a standout destination for business tourism. We want this type of tourism to continue its upward trend because it attracts tourists with high purchasing power, who spend a lot of money in our city, and who are also respectful of our heritage and our way of life”, added Llobet.

“This line of continuous improvement has contributed to the increase in the building’s competitiveness, to the winning of 35 new bids for national and international conferences up to 2028 and to achieving a satisfaction index of 5.4 out of 6 for event organisations,’ she pointed out.

In their meeting, the board also approved the execution of new tenders for 2024, “to maintain the continuous technological progress”. 2 million euros will be invested this financial year, of which 1.5 million euros will be funded by the EU Next Generation Funds This investment is being made on the basis of the Management Assignment Agreement signed by Valencia City Council and the Conference Centre to carry out the actions financed with European funds from the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Against this backdrop, the Board has been informed of the corresponding actions of the Destination Tourism Sustainability Plan, which focus on the digital and energy transition. These include the acquisition of state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, the creation of the first phase of the Centre’s digital twin, the installation of solar panels for self-consumption, the acquisition of new LED lighting and the promotion of sustainable mobility.

It is also estimated that the overall prediction for revenue in the 2024 financial year will be 20 to 25% higher than the previous year, with special international growth and marked strategic focus on sustainability, specifically in alignment with the SDGs and the Green Capital.

The 25th Anniversary

Another of the milestones presented in the 2023 Annual Report, approved by the Boards, was the celebration of the Conference Centre’s 25th Anniversary. Around this event, the venue launched a series of actions throughout the year to publicise the building’s history and potential. ‘‘One of the key actions which highlighted the importance of attention to diversity, was the collaboration of Asindown, Aspau, Bona Gent, Fevadis and Mira’m in the creation of the graphic design for the anniversary, and the blind breakfast with ONCE, an organisation that reflected the above design in the coupon issued on 14 December, coinciding with the Anniversary Gala’, concluded the councillor.