Published On: January 18 , 2021|

The Conference Centre opens up its faclilities to encourage blood donations

Emiliano García assures that working with the Valencia Province Blood Donor Association will contribute to public awareness

The Valencia Conference Centre and the Valencia Province Blood Donor Association (ADSPV) have signed a cooperation agreement “to promote blood donations among Valencian citizens, thus increasing public awareness and fostering the social engagement of both organisations,” according to the Chairman of the local government body, Emiliano García, who explained that under this agreement the Centre’s facilities will be used as the venue for the donation campaigns.

“This agreement gives continuity to the work carried out with the association during the pandemic and opens up a new line of cooperation between the two organisations to extend this altruistic activity, which is even more necessary in these times. By doing so, the team at the Conference Centre takes another step forward in its commitment to society,” he said.

Likewise, this agreement reflects the Centre’s firm intention to strengthen its social initiatives which got underway last year, when it joined forces with the Valencian Region Blood Transfusion Centre. The venue’s help was particularly significant during this period, due to the fact that schools and shopping centres where donations traditionally took place were closed during the initial months of the pandemic.

In the words of Roberto Roig, the ADSPV Chairman, “the signing of any agreement with an organisation of the calibre of the Valencia Conference Centre is a great boost for our work, and makes society aware that the Valencia Conference Centre and the Blood Donor Association are working together to encourage blood donations among the people of Valencia.”

“And at this time” Roig continued, “when we are still having to cope with the COVID-19 health crisis, this partnership is even more valuable. Patients still need blood, the hospitals in our region have continued to ask for units of blood because blood cannot be manufactured. Therefore, the social responsibility behind this type of agreement is crucial right now.”

With this in mind, both organisations plan to carry out different activities to promote voluntary blood donations, promoting this altruistic practice among the general public. In turn, the Conference Centre will be making its facilities available to encourage scheduled blood collections, and this community initiative will be slotted in to dovetail with the venue’s event schedule. This will be the third time that the building has been the venue for this good cause (the previous sessions took place in May and October 2020, when around 150 people donated blood)