Published On: December 21 , 2021|

In 2021, the Valencia Conference Centre generated double its income from the previous year

Emiliano García: "The pandemic has accelerated digitization and innovation processes, thanks to which event management has been optimized"

In 2021, the annual schedule of the Valencia Conference Centre included a total of 84 events and 50,925 visitors.

Of these, 19 were conferences and conventions, and 90% were national and international conferences, mostly in the field of healthcare. Some noteworthy inclusions are the 43rd Federal Conference of the UGT, the 24th National Conference on Psychiatry, the 3rd Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Genetics and the EANS Vascular & EANS Spine Training Courses.

During this period, 89 proposals for large-scale events were also submitted, which will enhance the centre’s current and future portfolio, and of which 53 conferences have already been confirmed until 2024. Emiliano García, the councillor for Tourism and the President of the Conference Centre has stated that “the entire team has worked hard to boost their strengths and they have implemented numerous actions that have helped to develop, within an environment that has been seriously affected by the coronavirus, a process of resilience, thus generating an income that is double that of 2020”.

Garcia has pointed out that “the pandemic has sped up the processes of digitalisation and innovation, and this in turn has led to the optimised management of events. Sustainability has also been another significant challenge and initiatives have been launched for project execution, such as the carbon footprint certification of the Centre’s activity, or the landscaping of outside areas to enhance user experience”.

“The 2022 forecast for the Conference Centre is highly positive”, added García, “similar to 2019 and boasting a notable international component, which will account for 53% of the total business. For the next year, 28 conferences and conventions have already been confirmed, which will be attended by more than 21,000 persons”.

Parallel to its goal to boost the economy through its activity, always responsibly continuing to promote all coronavirus protocols, the Centre will continue to play its part in developing sustainable tourism in Valencia and will take on new challenges that enable it to grow, thus enhancing its competitiveness in the sector of conference tourism.