Published On: September 3 , 2019Categories: Conventions

Valencia brings together the leading international experts in smart cities

The 9th Green Standards Week is to be held at the Valencia Conference Centre from 1-4 October

One of its main objectives is to raise public awareness about the importance of building sustainable cities

This year’s Green Standards Week has two key goals: making people aware of the significance of speeding up the transition to sustainable smart cities while also identifying the standardisation requirements which would boost the rollout of ICT and frontier technologies in the field. The event is coming to Spain after being held in other countries including Tanzania, Colombia, Uruguay, the Bahamas and China.

Green Standards Week will be a global platform for examining the role of ICT and state-of-the-art technology in the development of smart cities. It will bring together leading experts in the field including policymakers, senior officials, engineers, researchers, designers, field experts, city planners, regulators, standards experts and civil society representatives.

The presentations on its programme include Valencia: Smart City; the Forum on ‘Smart Governance in Cities’; the training session on Building Smarter and More Sustainable Cities; the leadership panel ‘Connecting Smart Sustainable Cities with the Sustainable Development Goals, and the 4th meeting of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative (u4ssc).

The event will take place at the Valencia Conference Centre from 1-4 October. It is organised by the International Telecommunication Union, the United Nations’ specialised ICT agency, which suggested to Valencia City Council’s Smart City Office that the city could host this international event. 

You can find more information about this international event and its programme here.