Published On: January 13 , 2022Categories: Congress

World Design Capital València 2022 and the Palacio de Congresos to promote design policies at international level

Intended for public and private institutions and de public at large

Placing València on the map of national and international design, creating and fostering a design culture and leveraging it a tool for city transformation are the three grand goals of this conference, organized by World Design Capital València 2022, the institution with whom we entered into an agreement last February to promote Valéncia at an international level.

The building that houses the Palacio de Congresos, designed by Norman Foster, has been chosen as the premises for this hybrid event to be held on the 3rd and 4th of November of the new year, which is expected to act as a meeting hub for over five thousand persons, including companies, organizations and institutions “that share a vision of design as a key value in their corporate and growth strategies”, according to the organization.

During the World Design Policy Conference, a meeting of global experts shall be held in order to assess how design can enable and promote urban innovation and transition, showcasing different approaches to design and tackle social change by analysing other experiences in the incorporation of design in city policies.

This conference is an opportunity to address the main challenges of cities, which are deeply rooted in how we function as a society, such as the surge of new design policies in the Mediterranean region, since, according to World Design Capital València 2022, “in order to address such challenges, our system needs to undergo deep changes and introduce design as a useful tool that contributes to enable the changes that our cities need through innovation and system transitioning.” You can learn more about this Conference here.