Materials for Sustainable Development Conference

Attendees: 500
Client:  NanoGe
Event: Conference
Type: Technology
Date: 6 to 10 March 2023
Duration: 5 days

1. Challenge

Materials for Sustainable Development Conference is a meeting organised by NanoGe, with 13 symposiums which brought together reputable players in science and sustainability from across the world. The aim was to pool ideas to promote energy efficiency, mitigate the environmental impact caused by technology and economic growth, and achieve the efficient use of materials.
The conference also wanted to connect university researchers in sustainability and industry to bring the two areas closer together so the results from research can be applied to industry and are economically profitable.

2. Solution

MATSUS successfully created a forum and channelled knowledge and tools in science and advanced materials technology to help provide solutions to the major problems in society, with a particular focus on sustainability.
The conference organised the first edition of STECH, the Sustainable Technology Forum, to align the academic world with industry. Companies from the private sector discussed the energy transition and innovation strategies and how they could be applied. STECH focused on topics such as hydrogen generation, recycling and circularity, energy generation, electric vehicles and innovation strategies. Of course, one of the key topics was the technology used to generate solar power. In this first edition, STECH had speakers such as Daniel Campo (BASF), Ruben Folgado (Messer Iberica), Ignasi Cañagueral (Dow), Olivia Estrella (AVI) and many more.

3. Acomplished goals

Around 500 people from the science world attended this international event in person, bringing 1,400 overnight stays. Thanks to the presence of leading companies and sharing experiences with the academic world, both spheres were successfully united.
The experience was a success on all levels, but one of its best feats was the immersion in Valencian traditions. The conference’s social programme offered guided activities to explore the area, including a visit of the Ateneo, a place of great significance in Valencia, two tours of the city, mascletás and tastings of orxata con fartons, the typical Valencian drink. Attendees were able to get to know the city and truly enjoy an authentic experience.

4. Curiosities