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  • Published On: July 13 , 2023

    Having digital signage available adds a level dynamism. Everybody loves the building. The natural light provides positive energy to the Conference Centre, along with the surrounding green space, the services available and the stunning architecture. Whenever we organise a radiology conference, we always consider the Valencia Conference Centre.

  • Published On: May 29 , 2023

    It is very much appreciated that heart-healthy, Mediterranean meals are promoted, adapted to the real needs of the conference. That’s where quality is measured!

  • Published On: July 3 , 2019

    No es la primera vez que organizamos un congreso aquí, ya que este palacio tiene unas características especiales. Animo a aquellos que quieran organizar un congreso que utilicen estas instalaciones. Son modernas y muy adecuadas para cualquier reunión científica.

  • Published On: June 19 , 2019

    ‘The capacity for the congress allows us to run all our activities in parallel and deliver services to the congress delegates and also to the industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the driving force for science and progress’

  • Published On: June 3 , 2019

    Planning a conference in a Centre which has won the World’s Best Convention Centre Award twice gives you the confidence that everything will go well. When they asked me to organise Interpore in Spain, it was obvious that the only option in Valencia would be to do it here.

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    The choice of the Conference Centre as the setting for the symposium has been crucial. Our attendees are amazed and extremely satisfied with the quality and services they are receiving. The impression is very positive and it is highly likely that this will help us to bring similar conferences to the city.

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    Out of all the venues we saw in Valencia when we were looking to stage this event, it was the one that best suited our needs. In addition, the Conference Centre’s team were really willing to help out.

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    Valencia has all the hotel and food options and a superb climate for holding an event of this kind and, well, if you’ve got a Conference Centre like the one we have today, what more could you ask for?

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    The Conference Centre has a versatility that other venues can’t match, plus it’s close to the airport and the city centre and has lots of hotel rooms just a few minutes away.”

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    One of the main reasons we decided to organize our yearly congress in Valencia is the presence of this Conference Centre which has beautiful facilities to hold congresses. All the participants we took to Valencia are really impressed.