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Fausto Di Niro

My experience with the Conference Centre has been very positive. Your team has helped us at all times from the early stages of organising the convention right through until after the event. It has been a major accomplishment for all of us.

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Javier García-Planells

Las ventajas de la presencialidad del III Congreso Interdisciplinar de Genética Humana es un volumen de asistentes que, probablemente, no habríamos conseguido a nivel online y, sobre todo, la interacción personal. Es la única manera de establecer grandes relaciones a nivel personal profesional y científico, como estamos comprobando en este evento.

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Kit Ling

From the first visit to the end of the event, I have received a very positive treatment from the Palacio de Congresos. I want to highlight the futuristic design and style of the building, as well as the kindness of the team, which contributed ideas that enriched the event and was pending at all times. In addition, compliance with prevention measures against COVID-19 has been perfect.

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Gonzalo Belenguer

For us, the Valencia Conference Centre has been a huge time capsule that has been hosting great events since 1998. It is a generator of knowledge that has always sought excellence but, above all, has always understood its mission: to add value for the people in our region.

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Vicente Domingo

In 2015, the FAO, the United Nations agency for food, agriculture and fisheries, understood that the relationship with cities had to be strengthened. Not only did we bring together 100 mayors and representatives of cities from all over the world, we also convinced representatives of the world's major city networks to take part. And the physical forum that took place here has continued to grow over time.

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