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  • Published On: March 22 , 2022
  • Published On: March 10 , 2022
  • Published On: June 18 , 2021

    During the EUCNC,  several live demonstrations of 5G technology were carried out, such as the first holographic call, a robotic arm, the automotive industry and immersive reality. All of this was only possible thanks to the infrastructure of the Conference Centre and the expertise of the technicians who helped and supported us at all times.

  • Published On: June 18 , 2021

    In 2018, we held the ONCE Solidarity Awards here and in 2019 we held a CERMI Convention. CERMI is the platform for organisations of people with disabilities. There was a massive attendance of people with mobility problems, with reduced mobility and we had no problems, no barriers. It was absolutely accessible. This is perhaps the most important advantage for us at the Valencia Conference Centre.

  • Published On: June 18 , 2021

    I would definitely recommend choosing Valencia for your congresses. One of the reasons is the excellent communication with the team at the Conference Centre, the outstanding relationship we have with the team, the ease with which the organisers can choose rooms and organise events.

  • Published On: May 6 , 2021

    The role of the Conference Centre team is key to this partnership. It is thanks to the staff here that all the services, all the activities, everything flows when you are here, it’s wonderful.

  • Published On: October 15 , 2020

    ‘We are delighted to have been able to organise this meeting at the Conference Centre. The safety protocols implemented have not been an impediment for delegates to take part despite the stringent safety measures in the rooms and during the breaks, and we have comfortably met our expectations for the event’

  • Published On: October 5 , 2020

    ‘We chose the Conference Centre for our general assembly because it is synonymous with success and peace of mind. The outstanding facilities and a great team of professionals are definitely the perfect combination, and this year, they have also implemented all the necessary health measures to deal with the COVID-19 and to guarantee the safety of all the participants’.

  • Published On: June 3 , 2019

    Our partnership with the Valencia Conference Centre has been excellent both in the lead-up to the event and now. Everything’s done just right and the catering is excellent. Our customers are very happy so we’ve had a great time in Valencia and hope to come back.

  • Published On: May 21 , 2019

    The Conference Centre has a versatility that other venues can’t match, plus it’s close to the airport and the city centre and has lots of hotel rooms just a few minutes away.”