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EENA Conference & Exhibition 2024 chooses the Valencia Conference Centre

The Valencia Conference Centre gets ready to welcome the European emergency services conference EENA 2024 (European Emergency Number Association) from 24 to 26 April.

The EENA Conference and Exhibition is a key event for emergency services, public safety and crisis management professionals, as it provides a platform to exchange best practices, innovations and advances in the field of emergency response.

After being held in recent years in Ljubljana, Marseille, Riga y Dubrovnik, EENA Conference & Exhibition returns to Spain and has selected the Valencia Conference Centre as its headquarters. What’s more, an innovative approach has been adopted aimed at attracting Spanish participants, with an auditorium with presentations exclusively in Spanish, subtitled in English, while the sessions held in other auditoriums will be given in English, with subtitles in Spanish.

“It is common for the organisers of such large-scale events to work closely with the conference centre teams to ensure that all needs are met. This collaboration was characterised by efficient communication, flexibility, and a mutual commitment to the success of the event”, stated the organisation.

The conference, which takes place over three days, will include interesting sessions led by more than 100 international speakers from the field of emergency services, and offers the opportunity to make contact with public safety professionals from more than 50 countries from Europe and other continents.

The different speeches will explore topics such as optimising the emergency response, next generation communication technologies, crisis management strategies and best practices worldwide.

Focusing on cutting-edge technology, policy development and best practices, the conference provides an opportunity to learn and share experiences that can drive significant improvements in public safety measures and emergency services around the world. For this reason, it is crucial for society, as its focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency services has a direct impact on public welfare.

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