Published On: May 28 , 2021Categories: Conferences

Experience 5G technology at the Conference Centre

Our venue hosts V5G DAY

The perfect scenario to experience live 5G technology demonstrations

“The Global 5G Event was a huge success across the board and boosted our outreach and image as a technological hub in 5G communications, both inside and outside the Valencian Region. We were pioneers in the implementation of live 5G demonstrations, holography, robotics, the automotive industry and immersive reality.” Narcís Cardona, the Director of ITEAM, used these words to sum up what this technological event meant for Valencia. The event was held together with the EUCNC 2019, the international 5G meeting which brought together over a thousand people from all over the world. Both took place in our building, which became the centre point for these technological milestones.

And it was at these two events that the V5G DAY began to see the light of day. This next meeting is to be held in our building on 7 June and is aimed at researchers, companies and institutions working on 5G technology in areas such as the industry of the future, mobility, health, energy, media and entertainment. 

The event has two main objectives: the digital transformation of the Valencian Region’s business fabric and to inspire entrepreneurs and technology-based start-ups to help them build their business models with the help of 5G technology.

During the event, there will be live demonstrations in logistics, the automotive industry, the Internet of Things and tourism, the applications of which will be shared globally.

Would you like to find out more about what will be happening at the V5G DAY? Alicia Abad, ITEAM R&D Telecommunication engineer (ITEAM) gives more details in this video.