Published On: January 30 , 2023Categories: Featured, Shows

February and March will be key months in which you can enjoy six renowned concerts at the Valencia Conference Centre.

Good music and a warm atmosphere accompany our conference schedule over the coming months.

The first concert will be on February 4, with a big name on the bill: El Arrebato. The second artist you can enjoy at the Valencia Conference Centre is Ara Malikian, who will perform on 5 February. The violinist sold out just a few weeks after announcing his performance and immediately proposed an additional date so people who were not able to buy a ticket could have another opportunity, on 26 March at the same location.

Another of the great protagonists of this exciting month will be the leading light in Spanish music and flamenco, Paco Candela, who will perform on February 17 at our venue. However, if you are cinephile, you can’t miss the Film Symphony Orchestra, this time under the title: HEROES AND SUPEHEROES on 18 February. The orchestra returns to the same venue for the second time and considers our venue to be the perfect place for any type of performance.

The final celebrity, tasked with bringing the schedule of concerts over these months to an end, is Diego de Cigala. 20 years have passed since Cigala first entered the studio to record the famous album Black Tears. On 11 March at the Valencia Conference Centre, two decades after its launch, you can once again enjoy these well-known songs.

Let yourself be carried away by these great performances! Find out about our range of conferences here.