Published On: April 14 , 2021Categories: Meeting tourism

Global Meetings Industry Day – transmitting enthusiasm and optimism to the industry

The face-to-face event ‘Sustainable, Safe and Healthy Valencia, held in our building, and the GMID, staged at Feria Valencia, reflect the optimism of the MICE industry

Face-to-face and hybrid events motivate and inspire the sector

14 April always has a big circle around it on our calendar as one of the most important days of the year.  It is our day, the day on which we all get together in the MICE industry and share our experiences to further the outreach of the sector.

Global Meetings Industry Day 2021 also has a new ingredient. It has a mission which is to continue working to relaunch the sector during the pandemic. The good news is that we are well on the road to revitalising meetings thanks to the efforts of all the professionals who work in the MICE industry!

Despite the pandemic, the Valencia Conference Centre has managed to sustain its activities, successfully holding major face-to-face events both in 2020 and 2021. The next meeting is just around the corner. Between 18 and 20 May, our building will be bringing together over 800 people at the 43rd UGT Confederal Congress. The key? SAFETY. Another major factor? OPTIMISM, as we continue believing in the sector as a powerful economic driver for our region and the country as a whole.     

We enjoyed this optimism at the Sustainable, Safe and Healthy Valencia event. This meeting, which we organised recently at the Conference Centre in conjunction with the Valencia Convention Bureau, under the umbrella of Visit Valencia, brought together the main stakeholders in the MICE industry. And we were privileged to revel in this optimism once again on 8 April, at Feria València, with the Global Meetings Industry Day, a hybrid event organised by the Iberian chapter of MPI (Meeting Professionals International), the world’s largest association for event and meeting professionals. Under the slogan, ‘Meet safe. Save meetings’, a firm commitment was made to continue revitalising the sector.

We’re staying safe, staying optimistic and staying on track to return to meetings!