Published On: October 13 , 2021Categories: Shows

Mentes Expertas once again chooses the Conference Centre to inspire its audiences in Valencia

It does so with the talks "You are greater than you think", by Mario Alonso Puig, and "Living life with enthusiasm", by Víctor Küppers

The Invencibles Tour returns to our building for the third year running

Fun, excitement, creativity and a desire to discover new things. The audience always experiences a whole host of emotions when Mentes Expertas touches down at the Valencia Conference Centre. And, this year, the event comes with a triple treat.

The Invencibles 2021 Tour lands in our building on 26 October and continues with two sessions on 30 November.

The first to motivate the audience will be the leadership, communication, coaching, creativity and stress management professor, Mario Alonso Puig, with his talk “You are greater than you think”. The idea behind this presentation is for us to “find ourselves again, and to respect and love ourselves”, as stated by Mentes Expertas on its Youtube channel.

Would you like to see him live? Mario Alonso is also a doctor specialising in General and Digestive Surgery. He trained in the field of human intelligence and was awarded the top Effective Communications and Human Relations prize from the Dale Carnegie Institute in New York, and his words of wisdom will definitely surprise you. Click here for tickets

Victor Küppers, the motivation and personal development expert, will also be making an impact on his audiences at the Conference Centre for the third year running with his talk “Living life with enthusiasm”, in which he will be sharing tips on how to manage emotions, take the best possible attitude, tackle current fears, overcome difficult situations and motivate oneself on a personal and professional level. His two presentations are shown below.

They are scheduled for 30 November at 17.00 and 20.00

The Invencibles 2021 Tour, organised by Mentes Expertas throughout Spain, will be bringing over 3,000 people to our building, with strict protocols guaranteeing the safety of the organisation and the attendees.