Published On: June 17 , 2019Categories: Congress

Our building is all set for 5G technology

The main challenges facing the team this week are getting our building ready to host the first worldwide 5G holographic videoconference, run by the multinationals ZTE and Orange, anddisplaying the Campus 5Gconnected vehicle, an autonomous car driven remotely using 5G technology.

From 17-21 June, the Valencia Conference Centre’s facilities will be converted to 5G technology at the Global 5G Event and EuCNC 2019

It might be a science fiction film or the plot of Philip K. Dick’s well-known novel ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’, but it isn’t. What our venue and team are experiencing this week is pure reality.

5G technology is coming to Valencia with a bang. The Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) at the Universitat Politècnica de Valènciahas organised two worldwide tech conferences, EuCNC 2019 and the Global 5G Event, which will bring together almost a thousand delegates and turn the city into the world’s 5G technology capital.

Over the course of the week our building will be the setting for a number of demonstrations of the uses of fifth generation mobile communications in sectors such as the automotive industry, health, energy, the media and entertainment. For instance, delegates will be able to experience firsthand driving an autonomous car remotely controlled with 5G technology andalso see live the control system of a robotic arm which instantaneously reproduces the movements of a human arm.

“If there’s one thing that sets 5G apart from previous generations of mobile networks, it’s that it’s designed to communicate with extreme reliability and immediate effect with machines, robots, vehicles, drones, sensors and any electronic device, along with mobile phones,” points out Narcís Cardona, iTEAM director, Chair of the technical committee and organiser of the two conferences. “And we will be able to see all this at both events.”

To make this happen at the Conference Centre, our team and venue have been seamlessly converted to host these twohighly technical and complex events to deliver a versatile audiovisual and building response system.

As examples, our Auditorium 1 will be the setting where the first worldwide 5G holographic videoconference is screened; the Campus5G connected vehicle, an autonomous car driven remotely using 5G technology, will go round the outside of the building; and the press room will be turned into a virtual cave where contents recorded with 360º cameras will be on show.

Demonstrations will also be run in other parts of the city with a number of meeting points to bring science closer to the public, including the Valencia Marina where a 5G emergency deployment demonstration is to be held.

Visit Global 5G Event and EuCNC2019 to learn more.