Published On: July 16 , 2014|

The Valencia Conference Centre hosts the largest international spine congress

The International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST) is being inaugurated today at the Valencia Conference Centre, for the first time in Spain. It will leave in our city about 3,000 overnight stays, generating a direct and indirect economic impact of more than 1.5 million €

During the next four days, more than 1,000 experts from countries such as Denmark, USA, Canada, Singapore, Japan and Korea will come together in this forum to discuss and present the latest developments in spine surgery.

 Regarding the program, it is focused on the treatment of scoliosis, which currently affects 3% of adolescents, trauma, tumors and degenerative diseases. In addition, knowledge in technology of the spine will be updated, with particular emphasis in the cervical and lumbar pathologies as well as pediatric and adult deformities.

 The main objectives of this event, sponsored by the Scoliosis Research Society (SRS), are the assessment of recent advances in surgical techniques for the treatment of spinal disorders, comparing them with traditional treatments, analyzing indications and potential complications for various procedures and approaches related to spinal surgery and presenting a variety of new objective cost and outcome analyses of operative and non-operative interventions to better understand the cost effectiveness and cost/utility related to treatment options in both the short and intermediate time periods.

 The meeting has been planned according to an interactive format that combines new technologies, like the use of applications for mobile phones or tablets, with the traditional face-to-face sessions including roundtables with experts, discussions and conferences with prestigious teachers. This model is possible thanks to the new infrastructure wifi of the valencian venue, which allows a simultaneous connection of up to 3,000 users.

 Following the international agenda, the Valencia Conference Centre will host until end of year other important appointments in the medical-scientific sector such as the 2nd International Conference on Alzheimer´s Disease and Dementia, the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Nutrition & Food Sciences, the 3rd International Conference on Clinical Microbiology & Microbial Genomics, the 3rd International Conference on Tissue Science & Regenerative Medicine, the 4th International Conference on Vaccines & Vaccination and the 3rd International Summit on GMP, GCP & Quality Control, the Climate-KIC Innovation Festival or the IEEE Sensors 2014.