Published On: October 28 , 2014|

The number of events held at the Valencia Conference Centre has increased by 20% from January to October

During the board meeting held today, the Valencia Conference Centre’s Board of Directors approved the venue’s management report for the period from January to October 2014. The board also approved the venue’s financial rebalancing plan, which will generate an operating profit in 2014, and passed the budget for 2015, with a profit forecast of around €300,000

During the first ten months of the year, the Valencia Conference Centre has played host to 84 events which have been attended by 50,406 participants. These figures include 31 congresses and nine conventions, which were attended by 17,683 and 5,850 delegates, respectively. In addition, over 19,200 people attended 26 conferences held at the venue. These figures show that the Centre, despite the adverse economic situation, has increased the number of events staged by over 20% compared to 2013. Similarly, international events have doubled compared to the previous year.

 According to the management report, the increase in the volume of congresses, conventions, and conferences, as well as the number of visitors attending these events, is 57% and 41% higher, respectively, than in 2013.

 The increase in the number of events has led to a 20% rise in the room occupancy rate at the Centre, and has generated an economic rate of return of €48 million, which adds up to a total cumulative impact of €906 million since the building was opened (around 30 times the amount it cost to build).

 The 26% increase in the number of delegates attending congresses, the number of which has doubled, has contributed to this impact, as the spending power of these visitors is three to four times higher than that of an average tourist.

 During this period, the Valencia Conference Centre has brought together the most prestigious specialists from Spain and abroad, who have taken part in numerous meetings, such as the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2014), the Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society, the 21st International Meeting on Advanced Spine Techniques (IMAST), the 2nd International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, the 4th International Conference on Vaccines and Vaccination, the Annual Meeting of the Spanish Outpatient and Primary Care Paediatric Society, the 23rd Biennial International Congress on Thrombosis, the 56th Congress of the Spanish Endocrinology and Nutrition Society, and the 3rd Congress of the Spanish Transplant Society.

 In terms of business events, the venue was chosen as the meeting point for business networking at the Global Russia Business Meeting, the APD Human Resources Congress and the AECOC Fruit and Vegetable Congress, and as the convention venue for leading companies, such as the Carrefour Group, Santander Bank, Janssen Laboratories, and Seguros Santalucía.

 There are still other interesting professional events scheduled for November and December 2014, such as the Climate Kic Innovation Festival, the IEEE Sensors Conference, the 56th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Neurology Society, and the Congress of the National Greenkeepers Association, whilst general events include the MOTO GP awards ceremony, and concerts given by Abraham Mateo and Bunbury.

 In addition, the Conference Centre, as part of its commitment to continuous improvement and responding to customer needs, has enhanced its technology with the installation of a fixed Wi-Fi network, which provides simultaneous internet access for 3,000 users. It also offers clients a customised App for events, and has incorporated beacon technology, a new communication system for mobile devices, into its technological services. As part of its commitment to innovation, and of the building’s Global Sustainability Plan, numerous ecological initiatives have been implemented since the venue was opened. These have made holding events compatible with respect for the environment, and have generated estimated savings of 7.5 million kWh. The most important initiative involved the installation of a photovoltaic roof which has generated around two million kWh of energy. It should be pointed out that 40% of the investment made in the building, a total of €9.6 million, has been spent on sustainable initiatives.

 The strategy mapped out to maintain the current positive business trend includes numerous sales and marketing activities which have forged a permanent, direct relationship with the most important event organisation agencies and opinion leaders on congress venues in national and international societies. As a result, 105 new bids have been presented this year, and the Centre has won 23 of them, including the 5th World Congress on Biotechnology, the 60th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Hospital Pharmacy, and the 51st National Congress of the Spanish Society of Intensive Care Medicine and Coronary Units.

 In terms of future events, the venue is already working on around 600 meetings, whilst around 30 congresses and conventions have already been confirmed up to 2018. These events will bring over 30,000 visitors to the city, which will result in 90,000 overnight stays, generating an economic impact of around €50 million.

 These facts and figures show that, through to its commitment to continuous improvement, the Valencia Conference Centre continues to contribute to the economic and social development of the city, and boost Valencia’s position on the event tourism ranking, on which it is currently fifth in Europe (excluding capital cities), according to the Union of International Associations.