Published On: July 31 , 2017|

The Valencia Conference Centre’s new website provides a world of possibilities just one click away

In lockstep with the transformation of its surroundings, the Valencia Conference Centre is opening up to the world around it through a revamped online platform. Its new corporate website enhances the strategic dimension of communication as a marketing tool and dovetails with the venue’s new brand image.


As an additional facet of the technological refurbishment the Centre has recently undergone, and which secures its position as a domestic and international leader equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual media, its communication approach has been aligned with the strategic objectives set by its management and reflects a new innovation-based business model.

             The new website’s structure has evolved since its last overhaul in 2010 to further increase its links to its target markets and implement new channels for listening to and interacting with them. The Centre is more than just a source of information as it also sees its online presence as a window of opportunity to get to know its audience better and thus better meet its expectations. Accordingly, this structure is based on four key aspects: enhancing information, identifying influencers, segmenting content by audience and driving transparency.

             The website has also taken a qualitative and quantitative leap in terms of its contents. Featuring a responsive design adaptable to any mobile device and much more in keeping with current trends, image and three-dimensional structures have been given more prominence, there is more information for users and options for downloading documents and browsing is more intuitive and flexible. In addition, its blogs and social media will be on its digital platform and are set to play a major role as a channel for dialogue involving actively listening to users and greater interaction.

             The Centre has also given a greater voice to its ambassadors, outstanding Valencia professionals who are opinion leaders in the medical, scientific, cultural, economic and other communities to which they belong. In these communities, they are influencers and prescribers of the venue whose testimonies add to its reputation among specialists in each area.

             Furthermore, the architecture of the web content makes it possible to segment and personalise information to tailor it to the needs of event organisers, exhibitors and the general public. Setting up specific sections also means the Centre can divide up its audience. This is important as measuring its followers is crucial for continuous improvement and makes for a better connection with the public.

             The Valencia Conference Centre also remains committed to transparency, clarity and truthfulness as core factors for enhancing business integrity. Following the principles set out in the Transparency Guide for the local public sector on the Transparency Portal in operation since 2014, it has increased the amount of information available on its website while also removing access barriers, providing a clearer picture of how it is run and encouraging participation by the public and other stakeholders.

             The launch of its new website means the Valencia Conference Centre provides internet users with a world of possibilities that are just one click away. Featuring an architecture and design tailored to each of its target audiences, whether domestic or international, and adapted to mobile technology, this marketing tool enhances interaction and brings new values. It is an online showcase that is all set to tackle the upcoming digital challenges and contribute to the venue’s main purpose of attracting new events to the city.


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