Published On: October 24 , 2022|

The Conference Centre launches an action plan based on innovation and sustainability

Emiliano García says that forecasts for 2023 show an optimistic outlook, with an increase in activity of 14%.

The Conference Centre expects to expand its business portfolio by 14% in 2023. The investment budget for this financial year will rise to 1.8 million euros, according to the agreement reached today by the organisation’s Board of Directors. “At this meeting the Valencia Conference Centre’s Action 2023 Plan was also approved. The plan is based on the results achieved in 2022, a period in which, thanks to the initiatives carried out, activity has gradually recovered to a level similar to that before the pandemic,” explained the president of the organisation and councillor for Tourism, Emiliano García.


The councillor noted that the actions planned for the next financial year “foresee the evolution of the Centre’s business model through the creation of a new organisational structure, which aligns strategic planning with the management of processes, projects and procedures”. “This line of improvement aims to adapt to the new demands of the sector and the search for new business opportunities, through a renewed organisational culture”, he said.

In addition, he explained that the Conference Centre “will continue to commit to sustainability in all fields: environmental, economic and social, and will place focus on actions which help to control and reduce the carbon footprint of its activity”. In this way, the councillor stressed that it will continue “contributing to a sustainable, resilient, inclusive and climate-neutral Valencia”.

In terms of the proposed investments, he reported that they will increase to reach 1.8 million euros and “as well as encouraging sustainability, will provide the necessary tools to develop innovation in the building and keep it up to date and capable of competing on sound footing nationally and internationally”. He stressed that “its positioning will be particularly important in a year in which it will also mark a milestone in its history, with the celebration of its 25th anniversary”.


Business forecast

With respect to the 2023 business forecast, he indicated that the portfolio “shows an increase in conference activity by 14% compared to the previous year”: “These types of events will bring a total of 27,000 participants to the city who will generate 90,000 overnight stays”, he highlighted.

Some of the most important events are: the 34th Congreso Nacional de Diabetes, the 11th Congreso Nacional de Enfermería experta en Ostomías, 9th ESWI Influenza Conference, EUSOBI 2023 (European Society of Breast Imaging), 43rd Congreso de la Sociedad Española de Medicina Interna, 38th Congreso Nacional de la Sociedad Española de Nutrición Clínica y Metabolismo, 4th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Paediatric Oncology, European Conference on Embolotherapy (ET2023) and ESGAR 2023.