Published On: July 2 , 2019|

The Valencia Conference Centre doubles its international business in four years

With a glittering track record behind it, the Valencia Conference Centre is celebrating its 21st anniversary in an outstanding year.

With a glittering track record behind it, the Valencia Conference Centre is celebrating its 21st anniversary in an outstanding year.

While the Valencia venue’s operations have grown significantly over the past four years, the forecast for this year is even better. That’s because the portfolio of events confirmed until December shows that there will be 50% more business in 2019 than in 2016 and international events will increase twofold.

The key to this success is first and foremost the result of hard work by the sales team. Relationship marketing, attending industry forums and meetings, taking part in trade fairs and giving presentations have all helped to attract and retain ambassadors leading to new event bids for the venue’s schedule.

Another crucial factor has been the improvement in the building’s technological facilities due to continuous investment in areas such as upgrading audiovisual systems, redesigning rooms and spaces, optimising management systems, improving connectivity and renewing outdated fixtures and fittings. This investment rooted in innovation and sustainability has come to €2.5 million over the last four years and has turned the Centre into a cutting-edge and competitive venue with facilities which have been specially readapted to meet event planners’ new needs.

But the investment drive doesn’t stop there. This year installing LED lighting in the canopy and exhibition areas is set to continue along with redesigning new customer meeting points and common areas, upgrading structural items such as doors, tiling and walls and bringing in new audiovisual equipment which will further enhance the venue and its potential.

Sylvia Andrés, the Conference Centre’s Managing Director, is delighted with the ongoing investment in the building: “Tailoring infrastructures to changes in the industry gives us the chance to turn events into experiences that exceed customer expectations. The increase in our results encourages our motivated team to continue working along the same lines.”

A 21-year journey

The Valencia Conference Centre opened its doors on 2 July 1998. Today, 21 years later, the building has hosted 2,900 events attended by nearly 2.1 million people.

900 of these events have been conferences and conventions which have brought together 600,000 delegates.

The Centre’s operations have led to a total of 2,182,000 overnight stays in the city, making it one of the primary drivers of the local economy.

The latest international statistics issued by the ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) confirm that the Valencia Conference Centre is now the main venue for international meetings in the city, hosting around 40% of the total number of delegates.

The awards it has won include twice being named (in 2010 and 2018) the World’s Best Convention Centre by the AIPC (International Association of Convention Centres).