Published On: July 4 , 2023|

Valencia Conference Centre, twenty-five years of boosting Valencia

With Valencia Conference Centre’s 25th Anniversary in mind, the Centre has put together an action plan that highlights the Centre's role as "an economic driver and its commitment to serving the public”.

The Valencia City Council has made 3.6 million euros available to Valencia Conference Centre to guarantee the modernisation of its premises.

3.6 million euros has been made available by Valencia City Council to Valencia Conference Centre for the installation of solar panels for energy self-generation.

They will generate about 10% of the building’s energy needs. The money will also be used to install LED lighting, which will be used to light up 90% of the building; electric car charging stations, along with other modernisation methods to guarantee energy efficiency.

We will also update the audiovisual equipment by increasing projector power and screen surface area in the auditoriums, as well as getting the latest equipment. We will optimise air conditioning systems, and create a digital twin of the building, as reported in a council statement.


Paula Llobet, councillor for Economy and Big Projects, highlighted that this investment from the Valencia City Council is “key” in “consolidating Valencia Conference Centre’s position as a unique building, adapted to the sector’s innovations and capable of aiding Valencia’s economic and social development”. She went on to state: “We are going to keep being at the forefront of the congress sector and strive to make Valencia an ideal destination for congresses and conventions”.

Because of Valencia Conference Centre, there has been a total of 2.4 million overnight stays in Valencia, thanks to the 3,300 events held here that have attracted 2.4 million attendees. More than 1,000 congresses and conventions have been hosted at Valencia Conference Centre, which were attended by more than 665,000 people. 85% of attendees have travelled from other parts of the country or from abroad.

That is “notably” favoured the raising of Valencia’s profile. In the current rankings published by the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), we are 28th in Europe and 36th in the world.

Furthermore, the figures for the current financial year, when compared with 2019, which was the Valencia Conference Centre’s best year on record, show that it is “likely that the 2023 results will be 6% above the reference year”. “As well, 77% of the turnover is expected to come from congresses held and the weight of international activity is estimated to be at 48%.”

The 2024 financial year is also already proving to be a year of upward growth as it is “showing the same growth in activity”: “An exceptional year is forecasted. Congresses could be 87% and international activity at 56%, which warrants the Centre’s economic solvency for 2023 and 2024.”

The Conference Centre’s 25th Anniversary

With Valencia Conference Centre’s 25th Anniversary in mind, the Centre has put together an action plan that highlights the Centre’s role as “an economic driver and its commitment to serving the public”. One of the Conference Centre’s main initiatives is the ‘Homage to Diversity’. This was an artistic workshop to strengthen collaboration with people with functional diversities and to create an emblem that shows Valencia’s and Valencia Conference Centre’s “unique” path to the future. The emblem will form part of the Conference Centre’s anniversary image.

Valencia Conference Centre opened its doors on 2 July 1998 with the aim of attracting more international visitors to the city and diversifying the local economy. After 25 years of history and being named World’s Best Convention Centre twice, the Valencia Conference Centre’s journey has been marked by “its vocation to service, professionalism and social commitment”, which has made it a “reference point as a state-of-the-art centre in an increasingly competitive environment”.