Published On: June 5 , 2024Categories: Featured, Sustainability

Sustainability as part of our DNA

Our new video includes the testimonies of our partner organisations and hosts of events held at the Valencia Conference Centre over these past few months

Here at Valencia Conference Centre, sustainability is a foundational element and part of our DNA. From the very design of our building, based on the principles of Green Architecture, we have adopted an approach based on saving energy and reducing our environmental impact. This new video includes the testimonies of managers of our partner organisations and the hosts of major events held here at the Valencia Conference Centre over recent months. Want to know the secret to Valencia Conference Centre’s path to sustainability?

  1. Digitalisation. With the aim of helping reduce emissions and minimising waste, here at the Valencia Conference Centre we’re implementing a process of digitalisation. We offer digital branding resources to boost the image of your event, while at the same time allowing innovation with dynamic formats and streamlining processes, with the possibility of updating content immediately and sustainably. What’s more, we try to reduce the use of paper and other materials, replacing them with more sustainable alternatives like screens and QR codes. Innovation enables us to minimise our environmental impact.
  2. Healthy and sustainable eating. Here at Valencia Conference Centre, we have a catering service that promotes healthy eating and the Mediterranean diet using local produce, while adapting to the real needs of your event. This way, we maintain flavour and quality and support the local community, while reducing our carbon footprint. We’re also part of a pioneering project to reduce food waste, together with the World Urban Sustainable Food Centre (CEMAS) and the Fundació Lluís Alcanyís at the Universitat de València.
  3. Legacy. As well as minimising the impact of your event, as organiser you can have a positive impact on the community, enriching and completing the experience through volunteering actions and giving visibility to social causes. Our Guide to Best Practice might give you some ideas to help generate a positive impact long after your event has ended.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, we have everything needed to transform your event into a real ecofriendly experience.