Published On: January 30 , 2024Categories: Featured

Sylvia Andrés, Managing Director of Valencia Conference Centre and new President of Spanish Association of Convention Centres.

Sylvia Andrés, new President of Spanish Association of Convention Centres.

Sylvia Andrés, the managing director of Valencia Conference Centre, has been appointed as the new president of the Spanish Association of Conference Centres (APCE). This announcement was made during the association’s annual meeting, which coincided with the FITUR Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid.

The remaining members of the Executive Committee who will serve alongside Sylvia Andrés from 2024 to 2027 are Xabier Basánez (BEC) as Vice President, Marc Rodríguez (CCIB) as Secretary, and María del Mar Carnero (FIBES), Inmaculada Moya (FYCMA), Gonzalo Súnico (Lienzo Norte), and Marta González (Girona Conference Centre) as members.

Sylvia Andrés emphasised her commitment to growth and excellence in the sector and stated: “we have worked hard over the past four years and are now setting even more ambitious challenges”.

The new president has proposed creating a legal department to address priority conflicts, design a common framework, and anticipate possible future problems. She emphasised the importance of giving a more prominent role to the technical secretariat, recognising its fundamental role in advancing the association’s objectives.

The new Board of Directors is committed to consolidating a positive environmental and social contribution, with sustainability at the forefront of their agenda. “We are embarking on this journey with enthusiasm, and we hope to have your support in making it a reality,” said Sylvia Andrés, inviting all members of the association to join in this exciting stage.

Sylvia Andrés is a leader with experience, vision and determination. She will lead the Spanish Association of Conference Centres to new horizons.

Sylvia Andrés concludes: “Thank you for your confidence! Together, we will build a successful future for the Spanish Association of Conference Centres.”