Published On: April 20 , 2023Categories: Featured, Innovación, Valencia Conference Centre

The new Valencia Conference Centre Centre web series called Unexpected is quite entertaining

The Valencia Conference Centre is premiering a new web series that will make you laugh and discover areas of the building you never knew about.

“Who are you? …” So begins the first episode of the new Valencia Convention Centre web series. Over the course of this special year during which we are celebrating our 25th anniversary, we are launching an interesting comedy, starring Neus (who is also turning 25) and Paloma, which will make you look at the Convention Centre in a different light.


You will see in just over a minute and a half in this first episode entitled ‘VOLAR’ how the relationship between the two main characters begins as they indirectly show how close the airport is from this emblematic building designed by Norman Foster as well as how close it is to the city centre. And it is all done through light-hearted dialogue and a more than amusing story. We will also show you some of our key cornerstones such as the building’s state-of-the-art technology and our commitment to sustainability.


However, the common denominator of the entire web series is no doubt allowing the public to get to know our close-up, friendly and, above all, professional staff. In each of the six episodes, you will discover hidden areas you never knew about with many of the most magical aspects of the building explained through witty anecdotes.


If you’d like to know more about our 25 years of history, please remember you can visit the section we have created on our website telling about our main milestones ( All the episodes of the series we release will be shared through this virtual space.


Don’t miss this first episode! PRESS PLAY now!