Published On: January 17 , 2024Categories: Featured

The Valencia Conference Centre is making strong progress: Record turnover and ambitious plan for 2024

For 2024, growth of 20-25% in total revenue compared to last year is forecast, with growth in international business forecast at 59-66%

The Valencia Conference Centre has announced a remarkable 26.4% increase in its congress turnover in 2023, surpassing even its best year on record. The milestone was announced at the 2024 Action Plan presentation, which was attended by Paula Llobet, the Chair of the Board of Directors, and Sylvia Andrés, the Managing Director.

In 2023, the Conference Centre saw a significant increase in turnover, with a 23.5% rise compared to 2022 and an impressive 14% increase compared to 2019, which was the venue’s most successful year so far. In terms of congresses, there was a remarkable increase of 34% compared to 2022 and 26.4% compared to 2019.

The success is attributed to the strategic investments made in 2023, which totalled 1.8 million euros. This was further supported by an ordinary grant of 400,000 euros from the City Council of Valencia. The investments aimed to improve infrastructure and customer experience, while embracing digitalisation, innovation, and sustainability.

As part of the 2024 Action Plan, the Conference Centre aims to sustain its competitiveness and pursue further growth. It is projected that there will be a 20-25% increase in global turnover, with a particular emphasis on international growth, which is expected to result in a 59-66% increase. To support these ambitious plans, the City Council of Valencia will contribute 500,000 euros, and an additional investment of 1.5 million euros will be made from the NextGenerationEU Funds.

During the presentation of the plan, emphasis was placed on the Conference Centre’s commitment to economic sustainability and creating opportunities. These funds will be used for innovative projects, such as the application of artificial intelligence to develop conference tourism and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

In short, Valencia Conference Centre is gearing up for a successful 2024, cementing its status as a frontrunner in conference tourism with a strong emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With these advancements, the Conference Centre continues to contribute to Valencia’s commitment as a European Green Capital and an emission-neutral destination. Find out more information here!