Published On: October 1 , 2020Categories: Shows

Victor Küppers is back at our building, motivating his audience with his live talk ‘Living life with Enthusiasm’

The protocol to guarantee the safety of the attendees, the speaker and the team has been implemented

Mentes Expertas touches down at the Conference Centre on 5 October

The expert in motivation and personal development, Victor Küppers, will be motivating, entertaining and inspiring with his talk “Living life with Enthusiasm”. Küppers will be giving guidelines on how to manage emotions, adopt the best possible attitude, deal with present day fears, overcome difficult situations and self-motivate at a personal and professional level.

And the great news is that he has chosen the main auditorium of the Valencia Conference Centre as the venue to motivate his audience with his inspirational words, gaze and gestures, as well as with his silences. This is a session for which Küppers says he does not have a magic wand. However, he is going to talk about the magic formula for personal success based on the power of a positive attitude that pushes people to reach their full potential.

After the success of Seville, the Invencibles 2020 Tour, organised by Mentes Expertas in Spain, is set to return to Valencia on 5 October. As an added bonus, the audience will be able to enjoy this experience in a building that is completely prepared for the occasion, with strict protocols that guarantee the safety of the organisers and the attendees

We are looking forward to seeing our loyal audience, who will once again be visiting our facilities so they don’t miss out on anything. More information.

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