Published On: October 21 , 2019Categories: Conferences

Victor Küppers to give his ‘Live with Enthusiasm’ talk in Valencia

Mentes Expertas will bring together 1,500 people on 30 October at the Valencia Conference Centre

The coaching and leadership presentation is addressed to individuals and businesses alike

Victor Küppers admits he does not have the magic formula, but he does reveal the one for personal success in which the power of attitude is essential to develop people’s utmost potential: personal value (V) = knowledge (K) + skills (S) x attitude (A).

This formula can be used on a personal and professional level and contains ingredients which are the inspiration for many success stories, including the journey of the team at the Valencia Conference Centre. The personal value, knowledge, skills and attitude of each of its members are reflected in the satisfaction of the event planners who choose to hold their events here.

Other qualities that will feature in Küppers’ presentation and which we identify with are hard work, knowing how to listen, enthusiasm, eagerness, positive psychology and making work fun.
The ‘Invencibles’ 2019 tour by Mentes Expertas is coming to Valencia! Victor Küppers will entertain, thrill and inspire 1,500 attendees to reflect while also providing them with guidelines about how to manage emotions, achieve the most positive attitude, deal with their fears, overcome difficulties and motivate themselves both personally and professionally.

The organisation has scheduled some 40 presentations in 12 cities around Spain up to the end of the year and seeks to change lives with its events held all over the country and transform businesses. ‘Happiness and attitude can be trained, making us and everyone around us happier’, ‘each challenge begins in yourself’ and ‘how to enhance relationships’ are some of the phrases he uses to get his audience to think about various aspects of life.

For more information about his talk, please visit the Mentes Expertas website