Published On: January 18 , 2022Categories: Tourism

What does València expect from 2022?

3 capital recognitions that our city will receive this yea

Valencia will be the epicentre of international design and creativity, sustainable and healthy food and smart tourism. And much more!

Valencia embraces many things. What could we, the team of the València Conference Centre, say? We love our city and have the great pleasure of living and working for it. Since our building was opened in 1998, we have always had a clear purpose: to propel València into the stratosphere. 😉

However, this year, in particular, will become a milestone for Valencians who are firmly committed to their city.

Valencia is the World Design Capital. Even before the start of the year, we knew it was going to be a big one from a design point of view. València is the national and international focus of Valencian industry, creativity, talent and design, and numerous exhibitions, workshops and conferences are scheduled throughout 2022. On 3 and 4 November, the València Conference Centre will host the World Design Policy Conference, a meeting place for global experts to discuss how design can enable and drive innovation and urban transition.

Valencia is a world reference city for healthy and sustainable urban food systems. Since 2019, it has been hosting the FAO’s World Sustainable Urban Food Centre of València (CEMAS) and this year, the city will be prepared to raise public awareness of the need for sustainable food. The CEMAS website details the keys to cities in search of sustainable food.

Valencia is the European Capital of Smart Tourism València has been chosen along with Bordeaux as the Capital of Smart Tourism for its advances in sustainability, accessibility, digitalisation, cultural heritage and creativity. Here, you can check the extended information, which is published by the European Union on its website.

We encourage you to enjoy the city like never before. Welcome to the València of 2022!