Published On: May 23 , 2024Categories: Corporate, Featured

2023, a year to remember!

Experience our 25th Anniversary year through our Annual Report 2023

2023 was a particularly special year for Valencia Conference Centre as we celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Over the past 25 years, we have adapted to an ever-changing world, incorporating the latest technologies and sustainability approaches aligned with the SDGs. Throughout our history, we welcomed 2.4 million attendees, organised 3,300 events and attracted 2.4 million overnight stays in Valencia, being granted the World’s Best Conference Centre Award in 2010 and 2018. That is why every person who has contributed to this journey shares this sense of achievement and commitment to excellence.

We wanted our Annual Report 2023 to be special, not only reflecting this year’s milestones and achievements, but also the 25 years of our history and the future we would like to build, a future for all of us. It was created from graphic pieces that formed the image of our 25th Anniversary, which were captured by people with functional diversity, who transformed our voice with their unique vision of the future. To make this possible, we worked in collaboration with five organisations to build a more diverse and inclusive world: Asindown, Aspau, Bona Gent, Fevadis and Mira’m.

Additionally, in 2023 we have carried out different actions and strategic alliances to reinforce our commitment to sustainability and inclusion, we have made progress in digitalisation, innovation and sustainability, adapting to the new trends in conference tourism and reducing electricity consumption by 38% compared to 2022, even with a 23.5% increase in activity! We have also renovated our facilities to offer a more efficient service and improve the experience of our visitors.

As a result of this exceptional year of making unique experiences, we have received a customer satisfaction rate of 5.4 out of 6!

Do you want to remember it in more detail? Check out our Annual Report 2023