Published On: August 18 , 2022Categories: Tourism

6 curiosities which make Valencia unique

The food, the climate, and the most sustainable way to get around…

As Valencians born and bred, we know our city like the backs of our hands, and yet, we confess, it continues to surprise us every day. It still hides many secrets and surprises, and that’s why we love it.

Valencia is very high up on the lists of event organisation companies. ‘Beautiful’, ‘irresistible’, ‘enthusiastic’, ‘friendly’, ‘formidable’, ‘one of the best cities in the world in which to hold a conference’. That’s how our national and international clients have defined it.


Discover some of the main factors which make it so attractive:


  • Discover how you can get around the city while reducing emissions. We invite you to explore the city by bike or in public transport. Look!
  • The gastronomy, with its great international reputation. As well as the birthplace of paella, the Valencia Region boasts almost thirty Michelin stars and is home to the World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS), an initiative of Valencia City Council which was forged in our building with the technical support of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).
  • Avant-garde + history. In just the city centre alone, you’ll find Roman, Arabic, Gothic, Modernist and Contemporary art. History stands right alongside the most avant-garde buildings in the city. Valencia Conference Centre, designed by Norman Foster, and Santiago Calatrava’s City of Arts and Sciences are undoubtedly the most iconic contemporary buildings in the city.
  • Over 300 sunny days a year.
  • The city’s eight beaches, all easily accessible, encompass almost 20 kilometres of coast.
  • The Silk Road. Did you know that the cities forms part of the Silk Roads, a UNESCO programme to promote sustainable tourism and to conserve the heritage of this historic route?

But Valencia is much, much more. Find out more here