Published On: June 21 , 2024Categories: Congress

European Poultry Conference, the most important scientific gathering of the poultry sector in Europe

Valencia Conference Centre will host the European Poultry Conference from 24 to 28 June

European Poultry Conference is the “most important scientific encounter of the poultry sector in Europe”, says Carlos Garcés, president of the 16th edition of the conference. The event, which is held every four years, provides an “enriching and valuable” opportunity for the exchange of knowledge on poultry science.

The conference, which will be held from 24 to 28 June, is expected to bring together more than 2,000 attendees from Europe’s top universities and research centres, as well as people working in the veterinary sector, including in the production and supply of materials and inputs, and students.

The European Poultry Conference shares the latest developments in poultry science, which help the poultry and egg production sector to improve their production systems, their sustainability and the welfare of the animals on the farm.

For this meeting, a scientific programme has been designed with a multidisciplinary approach to discuss the latest scientific findings and work on a practical application, with the participation of leading experts in the sector. To this purpose, the programme features six plenary sessions and 24 parallel sessions, and has received 500 scientific papers.

The 16th edition of the European Poultry Conference will also have an exhibition space, satellite conferences for scientific promotion and a programme of social activities to get to know the culture and traditions of Valencia.

“Our experience with the Conference Centre team has been excellent from the start,” states Carlos Garcés, “they have risen to these challenges, demonstrating excellent organisational skills and flexibility. They have provided all the necessary facilities, ensuring that they are perfectly equipped and have worked closely with us to coordinate staff and resources, ensuring that everything runs smoothly,” he concludes.

The conference, which is supported by leading companies in the European poultry sector, is one of the most dynamic meetings on the application and implementation of innovations to improve the sustainability of the primary food producing sector. For this reason, it is of great relevance to society, as it addresses its main concerns about proper nutrition, from economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability to food security.

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