Published On: March 16 , 2020Categories: Corporate

We have enhanced our security system with state-of-the-art technology

The measures which make our building a secure venue

Security is crucial to the success of any event

365 days a year, 24 hours a day: the Valencia Conference Centre stands out for its smart security system, which makes sure the building is protected all  day, every day. For event planners, it is essential to have a destination and a venue which ensures the security of their operations and the people who come to their meetings.

We know how important this issue is for our customers and so we have invested in smart tools to back up our security guards. These innovations enable us to improve the routine work done by security staff and also get reliable information.

How have we done this? Well, by:

  • Adding HD technology to our closed circuit television (CCTV) system and expanding it both in the building and in the car park to improve the quality and number of images captured by the security cameras.
  • Extending the Building Management Systems (BMS) site where all the building’s components are included for security control. A larger number of components called for more room to deliver the comfort and ergonomics needed in a facility for monitoring major systems like the BMS.
  • Digitalising the staff access control process to make the work of the security staff easier and thus enhance security in our facilities. This change will also simplify monitoring people and vehicles during event assembly and disassembly to make the time spent on these tasks more efficient.
  • Extending the local area network (Ethernet) for bigger and better central management of building security.

By implementing these measures, the Valencia Conference Centre is stepping up and expanding its Digital Intelligence and Surveillance Unit to protect the venue and the people who spend time there. The combination of innovation using smart technology and the ongoing efforts of specialists who watch over the wellbeing of delegates and the building is crucial to maintaining premium customer satisfaction.