Published On: July 15 , 2020Categories: Corporate

I want to hold an event. Where do we start?

In this webinar the Conference Centre explains how new events are being organised

The webinar focuses on safety measures and new technology projects that will enable hybrid events

I want to hold an event. What can the Valencia Conference Centre offer me right now? What technology initiatives has it introduced to adapt the venue to these changing times? What safety measures has it implemented?

We have had and continue to have frequent contact with our customers since the outbreak of the pandemic. Over the last few months, we have had many virtual connections with them and with our strategic allies, our suppliers, in order to foster human contact between all of them and to move forward in the organisation of events.

To cater for the current needs of our customers, in this webinar the Conference Centre team explains how and under what conditions events will resume in the building.

The Sales Director, Encarna Soler, the Booking Officer, Magda Cervera, and Desiré Pardines, the Congress Operations Manager, will be explaining about the new signage; the management of goods and people flows before, during and after an event; the mechanisms we have implemented to monitor capacity, as well as the implementation of innovative technology projects, such as Palconexpand, the two-way platform where speakers and delegates interact both in person and virtually.

Check out our webinar. We hope you enjoy it! If you have any queries after viewing it, you can contact our team directly.