Published On: October 1 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Our colleague from the Sales Department, Adelina Pedrós is our personality of the month

She has won the bid for the 17th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society

This is a highly prestigious five-day international congress

When the team at the Valencia Conference Centre think of their colleague Adelina, two keywords immediately spring to mind. Moreover, in recent years, these words  have become two of our venue’s hallmarks: INTERNATIONALISATION AND SUSTAINABILITY.  

Adelina Pedrós is an institution in the Conference Centre. We could write pages and pages about her long career, shaped by the international activities of our organisation. She has been working in the Sales Department currently headed by Encarna Soler since our building was opened in 1998.

This month, she has reached one of the highlights of her career and has seen how, after many years in the Sales Department, including a pandemic, she has managed to bring in one of the jewels in the meeting industry crown, which will soon be coming to Valencia.

The Conference Centre has been chosen to host the 17th International Conference of the Metabolomics Society. The linchpin of this global event is Antonio Granell, a researcher at the Spanish Research Council’s Institute for Plant Molecular and Cell Biology.

The meeting includes a comprehensive programme featuring leading scientists from the field and will be held from 19 to 23 June 2022. This is another significant milestone to add to the accomplishments we have achieved during our 23 years of history, and confirms the recovery of the organisation’s international agenda after more than a year of pandemic. It also makes Adelina the star of our “Personality of the Month” section!

Why do international event organisers choose the Conference Centre?

This is a combination of several different factors, which include the role of the organisation’s ambassadors in Valencia, the professionalism of the venue’s sales team and the trust it builds with event organisers, the interest in new places, its accessibility, the safety of the destination, Valencia’s cultural heritage and its amazing cuisine. 

But Adelina plays another important role. Together with Trini, Desi and Lina, her colleagues in the communication and operations, she carries out the analysis and implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the Centre. And she has been selflessly working with various organisations that are responsible for sustainability projects, both locally and internationally, for over 30 years.