Published On: July 18 , 2023Categories: Corporate

Palace activity in 2023 is expected to be greater than that of the best year in the history of the Centre

The Valencia Conference Centre will be the point of attraction for large conferences of significant international weight

From January 2023 until the end of December, Valencia Conference Centre will host a total of 24 large conferences. These conferences, whose percentage of the building’s total turnover is predicted to rise to 77%, will greatly boost the local economy as they will lead to almost 90,000 overnight stays in the city. What’s more, these are large scale events, mainly from the healthcare sector, such as the 45th National SEMERGEN (Spanish Society for Primary Care Doctors) Conference, which will attract some 4,000 specialists, and the 75th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Neurology Society, which more than 3,000 participants will attend.

Another of the highlights in the activity of this financial year is its significant international weight, which is calculated at 48%. The 28th International Congress for Battery Recycling and the 37th EFFoST International Conference are some of the international events to come from September.

These figures mean that the 2023 results are expected to be 6% above those of 2019, which was the best year in the Centre’s history.

More than 30 conferences are already confirmed in our calendar for 2024. This portfolio indicates that next year could be an even more exceptional year, with conferences accounting for 87% of the total and international activity 56%. This is a milestone in our 25 year career in promoting business tourism in Valencia. Want to find out more? Find our conference calendar here