Published On: June 29 , 2022|

The Conference Centre increased its conference activity by 46% in 2021

The balance sheet for the 2021 financial year demonstrates the Centre's solvency to meet its ordinary obligations and the beginning of the recovery of the business.

At the Board of Directors’ meeting, held today, the 2021 annual accounts of the Valencia Conference Centre were approved. According to the results presented, turnover in 2021 increased by 46% compared to the previous year, which was heavily affected by the pandemic. Even so, turnover in 2021 is still below that of 2019, one of the best years in the history of the Centre.

Despite the difficulties, and thanks to the firm support of the city council, investments in the building, mainly in innovation, digitalisation, and sustainability have continued, which has been key to guaranteeing its position and for it to adapt to new requirements. As a result, the Conference Centre continues to be a leading building for business tourism and a key part of the local economy.

During the events held during the 2021 financial year, the social and environmental commitment of the venue stands out. In fact, 40% of investments carried out in the building are sustainable. Initiatives to contribute to reducing negative environmental impact along with general commitment to the United Nations’ SDGs were the starting point to join charity events and projects such as the one driven by the Valencia Town Council, which allows for its carbon footprint to be measured and verified, contributing to the city’s strategy as a sustainable leader internationally.

The meeting held by the Board also presented data on activities at the venue during this time. A total of 84 events and 50,925 attendees were welcomed in 2021, generating 21,419 overnight stays in the city. Of the total number, 19 were conferences and conventions, and 90% were national and international conferences. In addition, 89 nominations for major events were submitted, which have contributed to strengthening the current and future portfolio.

Looking ahead to the current financial year, the recovery in attendance and the current agenda mean that the forecasts for 2022 are very optimistic and we expect to close the year with activity similar to that of 2019 and a strong international component.


24 years as a driver of business tourism

On 2 July the Conference Centre will celebrate its 24th birthday. Since its inauguration, more than 3,100 events and 2.3 million attendees have passed through its doors. This activity has generated 2.3 million overnight stays in the city.

It has been awarded prizes on two occasions, in 2010 and 2018, as the Best Conference Centre in the World by the International Association of Convention Centres (IAAC) and is the venue which attracts the most international conference-goers in the city.

In parallel to its activity, its firm commitment to sustainability is significant, as it has always characterised the building and is put into practise through the SDGs Project, a global initiative that reaches all areas of action and focuses its efforts on strengthening environmental and social commitment, aligning all actions with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.