Published On: April 10 , 2024|

Valencia Conference Centre strengthens its commitment to inclusion

Valencia Conference Centre, together with BestWay and Fundación Amigó, open their doors for the labour market integration of people at risk of social exclusion

Valencia Conference Centre continues its commitment to inclusion, seeking to promote equal opportunities in order to contribute to the improvement of society. For this reason, it has opened a new auxiliary workforce provider agency, Best Way, which will incorporate people at risk of social exclusion into the team.

In addition to its outstanding reputation in the sector, Best Way has established a strategic alliance with the Amigó Foundation, a long-standing organisation dedicated to the social and individual transformation of people at risk of social exclusion, with a special focus on youth and their families. Besides enhancing our operation and services, this action promotes the integration of vulnerable people into the labour market.

Through this alliance, Valencia Conference Centre offers people at risk of social exclusion the opportunity to access the labour market. This collaboration reflects our shared values of corporate social responsibility and enables us to make a significant contribution to the well-being of our community.

According to Paula Llobet, the Chair of the Conference Centre Board of Directors and Valencia City Councillor for Tourism, “the Conference Centre is an inclusive venue that promotes the transition to the labour market for people at risk of exclusion, creating windows of opportunity for young people who face invisible barriers in our society such as stereotyping and bias”.

Sylvia Andrés, managing director of Valencia Conference Centre, points out that it is committed to serving as an example and a lever for transforming society when it comes to providing opportunities and raising the profile of vulnerable groups, increasing the options for access to employment for these profiles”.

This initiative joins others that are already underway, such as the participation of people with Down’s syndrome and intellectual disabilities in the catering service, thanks to the alliance of Gourmet Catering and Events and the Asindown Foundation. Thus, the venue serves a leading example of sustainability model within the business tourism sector, maintaining its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and, specifically, its contribution to the goal number 10 on reducing inequalities.