Published On: April 23 , 2021Categories: Corporate

Ready for today. Improving for tomorrow

We are proud to present the Valencia Conference Centre's new graphic image

The new social context has shaped this bold, optimistic, colourful design

There is one element in the Valencia Conference Centre’s graphic image that has been there from the start and will shape its design forever: the building. Although time goes by and the industry evolves, the architectural elements created by Norman Foster are the main source of inspiration for the designers and creative executives who build our brand.

The omnipresent building has been strengthened by a second element in creating the new graphic image: the current social context. The MICE industry is undergoing an authentic revolution the world over. The Conference Centre is already working on this transformation so it is ready for today and can improve for tomorrow. We talked to Josep Martí, the Creative Director, and José Melero and Luis Armero, the Art Directors of KDV, our advertising agency, who gave us the lowdown on the idea behind the new image.

Other sources of inspiration …

Valencia, the city of light, with its incredible climate and boundless potential, the colour of the Mediterranean Sea and the concept “READY FOR TODAY, IMPROVING FOR TOMORROW”. The graphic image has also been influenced by the Bauhaus school and the geometric compositions of constructivism.

What new values does it bring?

It complements the values that we have always conveyed (professionalism, sustainability, cutting-edge technology) with optimism and vitality. At the same time, being at one with the building adds the experience factor, which is enhanced when the visitor and the client use the facilities.

What are we trying to convey?

The Conference Centre, with almost 25 years of experience under its belt, is an organisation that is not content to simply carry on performing well. It drives research and innovation constantly. If we want to remain at the forefront of the industry, stand out from the crowd and remain attractive, our visual identity must also stand out and be attractive.

What are we looking to ‘provoke’?

We want the user to be totally at one with the Centre, thanks to its architectural elements, even before they arrive. We want to make the building a space of endless potential with a team on hand that makes visitors feel at home.

Check out our new graphic image here (social media: Twitter and Linkedin)