Published On: June 16 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Sit down, get comfortable, because… We’re changing the seats!

New seats and carpets to be fitted in auditoriums 1 and 2 of the Valencia Conference Centre

24 years in use. 2.3 million attendees since it opened in 1998, at over 3,100 events. Now is the time!

The current seats of auditoriums 1 and 2 are essential elements for the building and its activity. Over the past twenty-four years, they have served over 3,100 events and have borne the weight😉 of more than two million people for a total of almost 80,000 hours.

The time has come! We’re changing the seats and carpets

So, what will they be like? We don’t want to reveal all the information, we want you to discover them for yourselves. But we will give you some clues…

Obviously, they will be comfortable, innovative, ergonomic and sustainable. The new seats will have those qualities and many more, to truly enrich your experience when organising an event or visiting the Valencia Conference Centre. And, to do just that, we have contracted Ascénder, a company with over twenty years’ experience, internationally recognised for its excellence in the design and manufacture of auditorium seating, following a stringent innovation process using the latest technology. For the selection of the winning bidder, the Valencia Biomechanics Institute (IBV), a reference in the development of technology to improve people’s health, well-being and quality of life, undertook a study with people of different weights and heights.

The seats will be changed from the 18th of July to the 31st of August, coinciding with the low season in the events sector.

In the words of our managing director, Sylvia Andrés, “the change of seats and carpets is part of our firm commitment to continue investing in the building, so that it remains an outstanding reference in national and international conference tourism”.

“In addition, we want the event organisation companies and the general public to feel at home so they will remember their time at the Valencia Conference Centre as a pleasant, comfortable experience”.