Published On: June 22 , 2022Categories: Corporate

The Ecoembes team, our ‘Personality of the Month’ for contributing to making the events in our building more sustainable

Reciclos, the Return and Reward System (RRS) developed by Ecoembes, comes to our building

The Valencia Conference Centre invites you to join us in our all-encompassing commitment to sustainability, as, coinciding with World Environment Day, we launch the Good Practices Guide for the organisation of Sustainable Events, in which we provide you with all the tools you need to do just that.

In order to offer you the organization of sustainable events, we have strengthened ties with several entities that are collaborating in the lines of work framed in the sustainable strategy of the building. One of the main allies is Ecoembes (the non-profit organization that coordinates the recycling of packaging throughout Spain) which, thanks to the agreement it has with the Valencia City Council, collaborates with the Conference Centre by recycling plastic bottles and cans of beverages generated in the facilities through its RECICLOS Return and Reward System. For this reason, we wanted to give all the prominence to his team and we have named him ‘Personality of the Month’.

Thus, through the RECICLOS machine installed in our building, recycling users will be able to obtain sustainable or social incentives: “green” mobility, support for vulnerable groups or local projects.

This Ecoembes initiative digitizes the habit of recycling by applying mobile technology to new citizen habits and incorporating it into the yellow containers already installed in the streets. It is the first recycling system in Spain based on mobile technology, Big Data, artificial intelligence, blockchain and incentives.

How can you use RECICLOS?

Download the free RECICLOS app. Then, scan the barcodes of the drinks cans and plastic bottles you consume and put them in the bag together with the rest of the waste for the yellow container. In that way, you will receive points, which you can exchange for the reward of your choice.