Published On: June 7 , 2024Categories: Corporate, Featured, Sustainability, Tourism

The Zentropy MICE project will take place at the Valencia Conference Centre

This innovative plan, funded by 5.2 million euros, is transforming meeting tourism and promoting Valencia’s socio-economic development and green transition

The Valencia Conference Centre will be the venue for the Zentropy MICE project, an innovative plan that has been designed to transform meeting tourism and promote Valencia’s socio-economic development and green transition. To achieve this, the company will adopt a novel approach and implement innovative and sustainable actions in areas such as energy, mobility and waste management.

Valencia was selected by the European Commission to participate in the Zentropy MICE initiative, which is part of the second EUI call. This initiative provides funding for innovative projects that address urban challenges. Valencia was chosen from 112 applicants together with 12 other cities. This project, themed around sustainable tourism, will focus on the MICE sector in Valencia. This area has not been extensively studied in terms of sustainability and urban impact. The project will have a budget of 5,252,306 euros, with 80% of this amount being co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The Valencia City Council is coordinating the project, which will officially commence in the city in December 2024. It will run for four years and will involve six collaboration partners: the Valencia Conference Centre Innovation Capital, the Universitat Politècnica de València, the Visit València Foundation and Khora Urban Thinkers.

Furthermore, the project forms part of the Valencia Innovation Capital strategy, which has the objective of transforming the city into a technological innovation hub in the Mediterranean region. This will be achieved through the promotion of public-private collaboration and the creation of quality, highly qualified employment opportunities in the city.

At the inaugural meeting held in Las Naves, the project was officially launched. It is scheduled to run until May 2028. The action programme includes measures to improve the energy efficiency of the Conference Centre, to promote sustainable mobility, to offer organic food, to implement green infrastructure and the circular economy, as well as to create an app and to establish economic and knowledge partnerships.

Valencia City Councillor for Innovation Paula Llobet emphasises this project’s importance: “Congress tourism accounts for a quarter of our city’s total tourism volume. We have selected the Confernce Centre as a field of experimentation due to its consistently high levels of activity and business volume. It is one of the most successful MICE centres in the world. This presents a unique opportunity to revolutionise this type of tourism and establish a sustainable model.”