Published On: February 9 , 2022Categories: Corporate

Valencia Conference Centre joins the celebration of Valencia, the healthiest city in the world

Another milestone for our city in 2022!

Valencia is unique in the world. Let’s shout it from the rooftops

Recently, we published the post What does Valencia expect from 2022 in which we spoke about the two capital recognitions that our city will receive this year. 

We write this text with all the enthusiasm in the world and admiration for the city. And it is increasingly at the TOP. Hip Hip, Hooray. Hip, Hip, Hooray

Being declared the healthiest city in the world once again in the ranking by Money can now be added to its list of merits. For the second consecutive year, Valencia is the queen of the list of healthy cities. The team at Valencia Conference Centre is delighted to celebrate this great milestone for the city.

What factors made the jury decide on Valencia?

The jury particularly valued its gastronomy, climate and “rich musical and cultural heritage which allows residents to put strong emphasis on social connection, leading to a very healthy work-life balance”.  Valencia was also crowned for several key factors which contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Highlighted are the obesity levels, life expectancy, pollution levels, safety, hours of daylight, healthcare accessibility and the number of mental health professionals.

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